The Three Hats of Hackers Essay examples

The Three Hats of Hackers Essay examples

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The definition of hacking has undergone some changes in the past few years. At first it identified people “who enjoys modifying and subverting system, whether technological bureaucratic or sociological.” (Lemos, 2002) In the last decade hacking has evolved to describe “those people with a hands-on interest in computer security and circumventing such security. (lemos 2002) As you explore deeper into the digital landscape it becomes clearer that these hackers are sub divided into three groups of intermingling individuals classified by a system of hats.
This hat system was coined by the L0pht (pronounced “the loft”) one of the most well know old-school hacking group on the internet. This hat system was implemented to give the middle ground hackers, like the members of L0pht, a category to call their own that kept them from being associated with the criminal hackers, also known as black hats, and the corporate hackers and network maintainers, known as white hats. (Lemos, 2002) Since black and white made up the extremes the middle group that consisted of both would be deemed Grey hats to signify their neutrality and diversity. Each of these hacking cultures has their own set of allegiances but, these allegiances do not always remain the same for all hackers across the hat class. One of the best examples of this shifting allegiance is the Black Hat hacker.

Black hats are known as the criminal masterminds but, not all black hats are the bad guys. Most black hat hackers are just board and look for challenging systems to break into to test their skill. This skills test results in major security breaches and ultimately black hats being labeling as a threat. Most of Their goals typically include hacking systems for personal or financi...

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...idly evolving technological world of the treats and benefits around them.

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