Essay about Three Elements Of Claim Making : Justice, Evidence And Process

Essay about Three Elements Of Claim Making : Justice, Evidence And Process

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Walker talks about how there are three elements of claim-making: justice, evidence and process. In this paper we will focus on two of them: justice and evidence for we do not know anything about your process dear Goobians. for as far as I know you do not have any implementation of a process in current standing to address the environmental issue at hand. Therefore, we can not aid in reforming this non-existent process but can aid you with the tools and knowledge to be able to successfully eliminate this environmental issue through the implementation of a process. In order to successfully do this we will first talk and discuss evidence through the different scopes of this environmental pollution crisis that the Goobians are experiencing. We will then use this knowledge to further discuss the relationship between scope, shape and currency, which will allow us to adequately identify Walkers three principles of distributive justice: who are the recipients of environmental justice, what is to be distributed, and what is the principle of distribution, as well as the three main dimensions of distribution: vulnerability, need and responsibility (QUOTE WALKER FOR BOTH). In order to obtain distributive justice a utilitarian approach will be argued through out the paper.
What is Utilitarianism?
Utilitarianism in general is a theory of distributive justice, which is equivalent to utilitarianisms as a consequentialist approach to normative ethics. Normativity or normative ethics constitutes things as right/wrong or good/bad. Normativity ties into one of the main elements of Utilitarianism; the principle of utility, which states that an action or policy is right if it maximizes good consequences over bad consequences for all beings that stand ...

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... will argue with this but you all are the ones that caused the problem, every single one of you for our scientist Mr. Spook has done research and noticed that there are concentrated amounts of unusual air, terrestrial and water particles present in areas inhabited and utilized by you that are thought to be killing and sickening other Goobians. These types of particles don’t seem to exist in the few remaining non-goobian areas and therefore we on earth hypothesize that your activities might be resulting in widespread physical and biological disruptions to planetary atmospherinc, marine and terrestrial systems. Even though this problem encompasses others YOU are the ones that need to fix your mistakes or else your entire race is at risk. For you all cannot survive with out future generations, without animals to eat, with out an environment to live in or air to breathe.

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