Three Descriptive Research Methods Essay

Three Descriptive Research Methods Essay

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One of of three methods used for descriptive research is the case study. The case study method is the oldest form of research used in psychology today. To help you better understand what case studies are I would recommend you think of an individual person case. Case study is when someone studies one person to explain things that happen for all of us. Basically applying the outcome to all people ; one representing all. Case studies will describe your behavior. In present day we have noticed that although the individual cases may be accurate, it only applies to that one person. There will always be a conflict of interest because what may happen to one person does not necessarily happen to the next. For example you may say that after conducting a case study you have come to the conclusion that all people who drink alcohol more than 3 times a week have worse livers than a non alcoholic drinker. This may be true but there is someone who may drink even more and not be effected with the same outcome. This type of study is good because it allows you to go in depth and gain valuable informati...

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