Three Core Uses of Geographic Information Systems in Pakistan Essay

Three Core Uses of Geographic Information Systems in Pakistan Essay

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This report attempts to define the role of Geographical Information Systems in the modern world and connects it with the problems being faced in Pakistan. GIS is a tool that captures, manages, analyzes and displays all forms of geographical data. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that has unfortunately not made its presence felt in Pakistan. The uses of GIS are a great opportunity cost to this country. This report will be focusing on three core uses of GIS that are possible in Pakistan:
i. Crime Mapping
This is used by analysts in law enforcement agencies across the world in order to visualize, and analyze crime incident patterns. This is widely used in the modern world however it is absent in developing countries like Pakistan where crime is a major problem. In New York City it is used in the form of CompStat. This was initially a management philosophy for the New York police department (similar to TQM and Six Sigma) and was not a computer system or software package. Over time this has changed. Some commercial enterprises have created turnkey packages which consist of computer systems, software, mobile devices, etc. all of which come under the title of CompStat. Now, CompStat is an extensive software that is utilized for the purpose of crime reduction and improving the quality of life. In Pakistan, a software like CompStat would use Geographic Information Systems and help to map crime and identify problems. Considering the security situation in the country, this would be very helpful.
ii. Land Management
This is used to help in creating and maintaining the land records in a way that will be much more efficient and effective compared to the manual entry system. Land Management will also include the search for land for di...

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...records with full transaction help and reporting devices.
Managing Geographically
GIS is getting fundamental to comprehension what is occurring and what will happen—in geographic space. When we comprehend, we can recommend activity. This new approach to administration overseeing geologically is changing the way that associations work.

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