The Threat Of Terrorism Within The United States

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It is no secret that the threat of terrorism within The United States is at an all time high. According to the latest Gallup poll fifty-two percent of the polling sample are worried/somewhat worried that a member of their family will be a victim of a terrorist attack in the near future (Gallup). This is the highest percentage since the September 2001 attacks in which the poll was an astonishing fifty-nine percent. Americans that fall within that percentage are asking: How are we going to handle this threat? With that in mind many leaders in this nation are proposing ways of preventing such attacks. The first method worth examining that handles the threat of terror is cutting off the immigration of Syrian refugees into The United States. Although a very low amount (roughly 3500 as of June) have entered into the states (CNN). Many people are concerned that within them lye terrorist planning a strike. This claim may seem outrageous to many but the supporters of this, including Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, some Republicans, and many Nationalists point to the recent terr...
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