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The Threat of Nuclear Wars: An Annotated Bibliography
Helfand, Ira, Antti Junkari, and Ogebe Onazi. “Nuclear War: A Greater Threat than Ebola.” World Medical Journal. Vol. 61. Issue 1. Apr. 2015 Web. 2 Oct. 2015.
This journal explains the dangers of a nuclear war. The authors write about the threat of nuclear weapons. The writers began by stating that the medical community cannot support all of civilization if a nuclear war begins. There are over 17,000 nuclear weapons in the world. Even with the high amount of nuclear weapons, that are even stronger than the bombs that were dropped onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear threat is mainly ignored (Helfand, Antti, & Ogebe 14). The journal moves on to describe all of the possible dangers that would occur if a nuclear war starts. The authors refer to different dangers such as immediate deaths, starvation of the human race, and the catastrophic affect on the planet’s climate. The ending segment of the article refers to the many ways that the medical community can help the world avoid a nuclear war.
The journal is very clear and to the point. The authors add great detail when discussing the dangers of a nuclear war that causes many readers to feel worried about the issue. This works to writers’ advantage because the writers want readers to realize that we have to do something fast to avoid nuclear wars and potentially to save both our planet and ourselves. I completely agree with the authors’ position on how the people should handle the nuclear threat. I believe that nuclear weapons should be banned because they can cause more destruction then anyone could plan for.
I will use this source to depict all of the effects of the nuclear war. The ways that the medical community can hel...

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...different types of buildings that can be better protected against atom bombs. These buildings are fire-resistive buildings, industrial buildings with unprotected steel frames, masonry wall-bearing structures with wood floors and partitions, and wood-frame buildings (Bond 339)
This is another source with a different perspective on how to deal with atomic bombs and nuclear weapons. The protection of buildings is a good step towards protecting people from nuclear weapons. I still think that nuclear wars will still be to devastating for the world and that nuclear weapons should simply be banned from the world.
I will use the source to provide another perspective on ways to protect people against nuclear wars. I will include the type of protection that buildings need with different variations and a brief history of the atomic fires that were included in this journal.

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