The Threat Of Isis / Radical Islam

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At first glance, this chart can be a little deceiving. Without evaluating it too closely, it looks like Clinton voters think that ISIS/Radical Islam pose a great threat to the US. However, when looking at this information based on the demographics of our survey respondents, it makes more sense. The Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland area overwhelmingly is democratic. Therefore, the vast majority of our respondents are Clinton supporters. Looking at it from this lens, we can see that this question has a higher response of Clinton voters than any other voters. However, there are two conclusions we can draw from this graph. Both Clinton and Trump voters believe that the threat of ISIS/Radical Islam is at least somewhat substantial. Albeit, then the data follows a more logical conclusion. Clinton supporters are more likely to believe that ISIS/Radical Islam does not pose much of a threat to the US than Trump supporters and contrarily, Trump supporters are more likely to believe they pose more of a threat than not. Another question that ties in nicely to this area of fear and terrorism was que...
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