The Threat Of Human Rationality Essay

The Threat Of Human Rationality Essay

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The epistemic threat of human rationality emphasizes the existence of the shoddy software hypothesis, yet the optimistic look on humanity about situational rationality exists to counter it. However, I will argue that despite the optimistic view humans are not rational due to the conditions that are deemed necessary for human rationality.]
The heuristics and biases research towards human rationality expresses that humans are not rational because completely arbitrary factors influence an individual’s reasoning. Humans are unable to avoid a significant flaw in the rationality system which is known as invisible contamination. This exists as a problem because arbitrary or irrational factors influence human reasoning without the possibility of awareness. Concepts or ideas, such as anchoring or advertising, which should not even matter, contaminate the ability to rationalize properly. Yet these contaminations can happen without the knowledge of the individual. It should be thought that if humans are vulnerable to the influence of that which is completely arbitrary of which they are not aware, then human judgement is not trustworthy. It is shown that minor insignificant circumstances can widely change an outcome or a decision of an individual, which shows that humans are vulnerable to the influence of arbitrary factors. Since such arbitrary factors influence and individual’s reasoning it should not be thought that the human judgement is not trustworthy. Therefore, a human’s rationality lies within the trustworthiness of the judgement and since it cannot be trusted humans are irrational. While the thought that humans ought to be able to recognize this shortcoming exists, it does not matter because the individual functions on a dysfunctio...

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...ose that survive are what makes humans rational. The fact that the “faulty” parts died off could just be considered lucky breaks. As currently humans are destroying the environment which could actually kill us faster than any previous dangers of the past. Any argument considering the length of a life span is not relevant either because turtles happen to live much longer or are not doing many things humans do, by that standard turtles will outlive the humans and will be the most rational creatures. Lastly, humans cannot function under certain situations. Immediately that should come as a red flag, because as stated before, humans ought to be able to function under all circumstances, if not then it is more of a cafeteria rationality; we pick and choose to our liking. Despite the optimistic view, it is wiser to take a pessimistic view as humans are not always rational.

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