The Threat of Global Warming

The Threat of Global Warming

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The threatening issue of today for world is “Global Warming”. Global warming is gas contributing to global rise in temperature, such as carbon dioxide, water vapors and Methane gasses. The gasses in the atmosphere is said to be getting thickened and traps the heat being emitted from earth surface from escaping back into space and heating of earth disturbs nature’s balance and ecosystem. Global warming is an on-going process and it is due to human activities such as industrialization, increasing number of motor cars and deforestation.
Industrialization contributes to global warming which is a human activity. Since the industrial revolution, major development of industries and machines increased the usage of fossil fuels, such as burning of coal, oil, and gasses for running of machines and also domestic uses produces considerable amount of carbon dioxide (Co2) to the atmosphere. It is said that one gallon of gasoline when burned puts 19 pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Fenner, 2013). With increase in population and the consumption rate of humans have encouraged industries to increase in their amount of production, ultimately resulting in more use of fossil fuel and increased production of greenhouse gasses. The atmospheric greenhouse effect act as blanket and naturally keeps our planet warm enough for sustaining of life, the carbon leads to build up and thicken the volume of greenhouse gas and it trap the heat within the earth atmosphere instead of escaping into the space leading to rise in earth temperature (Fenner, 2013). Noticeable evidence of global warming is rising of global temperature, melting of snows and retreat of glacier lakes. Research have found out that the sinking of Ata Glacier of 100m within the year 2003 to 2009(Japanese alpine news,2013).
In today’s modern world almost all the people possess a motorcar and the movement of car has increased drastically from few decades, there is increase in burning of oils such as petrol and diesels emitting huge amounts of carbon to atmosphere. The annual Co2 concentration rate is said to be greatest during last 10 years(1995 – 2005) of average of 1.9 ppm per year, and that projection indicate that in next 50 to 100 years the Co2 concentration would double from pre-industrial revolution(IPCC,2007). The earth’s temperature is said to be rising drastically since the industrial revolution occurred and with the increase in population together with demands for individual. The rising of global temperature is almost about 0.

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74O over last century (BBC, 2011). This effect is observed from rising of sea levels, melting of snow and ice due to production of greenhouse gas. In urban areas where there is more population and more cars running are much hotter than the place where there are less population and less movement of motorcars relatively less gas emission (Fenner, 2013).
Human activities for development as well as for farming destroys the carbon absorbing forest for upbringing of developmental structures, farming and rising of domestic animals. Human being tends to cut down trees and clear forest areas while constructing of roads, also burn down large area of forest land in cultivating. World Meteorological Organization has calculated that global temperature would rise up to 3oC by the year 2050 and about 5oC by the year 2080 as a result of continued greenhouse gas emission (Bajracharya, mool& shrestha, 2007). Such activities will hamper and contribute in increase greenhouse gas as there is no tress to absorb carbon dioxide, with that burning of forest produces carbon dioxide to atmosphere. Another evidence to prove that there is human contribution in global warming by burning of forest is falling of acid rain which directly shows that the atmosphere is contaminated from production of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and so on which contributes to global warming (New south wales government, 2011).Studies done by Intergovernmental panel on climate change in the year 2007 have found out that warming of climate system is unequal through world, said that there are certain places getting warm faster than the other places (Write & Boorse, 2012) was the evidence to change in climate change indicating global warming.
There is strong evidence that temperature of earth is rising and human activities are one of the most prominent and continues process contributing in greenhouse effect and ultimately leading to global warming (Bajracharya,mool&shrestha,2007). With the effect of human activities contributing to global warming will not only affect human but all the other species and whole ecosystem will be destroyed. There will always be a solution to any sort of problem so there is a solution for climate change and global warming, as world has become more advanced in technology for reducing the production of greenhouse gasses to control global warming.

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