The Threat Of Global Terrorism Essay

The Threat Of Global Terrorism Essay

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Since the September 11 terror attacks, the world’s security has been greatly heightened. From increased security checkpoints in airports, to intensified militaries around the world, the international community was thrown over the edge after 9/11. Nations sharing intelligences through extensive communication has played a vital role in keeping the public safe and reducing the threat of global terrorism through the use of media and various telecommunication technologies (Nacos, 2006). Brigitte L. Nacos is a reliable source, given that her work was published in and for the United Nations Global Seminar. This shows that her writings are expressive of the views of the entire international community, not solely her opinion. Therefore, we can confirm her reliability and validity, as seen through her lack of strong bias and multinational agreement. By use of international communication, terror acts are thereby decreased and contained, precipitating a safer environment for innocent civilians and citizens within a nation and around the world.
As the developed nations around the globe continue to advance with modern communication technology progression, so do our enemies. As seen by the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas terror organizations, terrorists and foreign enemies, too, maintain progress within usage of communication technology. From broadcasting live television channels, and streaming radio stations, to developing violent-encouraging video games and releasing DVD footage, terror groups are known to be quite up-to-date with the latest means of communicating their messages to the public (Nacos, 2006). As aforementioned, Brigitte L. Nacos is a reliable and credible source as her peer-reviewed work and immense experience has...

... middle of paper ..., the varying perspectives of which international communication can effect public safety is vast, including how it might undermine global sovereignty, conclusively, the use of international communication will ultimately benefit public safety overall, in that it allows for countries to work together towards a common enemy, creating allies, positively affecting public safety in the political sense.
Conclusively, by analyzing the varying perspectives within the historical, social, and political aspects of the topic, we can conclude that international communications positively affect public safety. By countering terrorism, bringing a historic world together as one, heightening global security, and uniting countries against common enemies, among other benefits, international communications positively benefit public safety, as the benefits clearly outweigh the harms.

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