The Threat Of Extinction Of The Cold Antarctica Essay

The Threat Of Extinction Of The Cold Antarctica Essay

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Imagine a place where you walk outside and see no animals. No squirrels digging holes for their nuts they are trying to harvest for the winter. No birds chirping while they gather twigs and straw to make a nest for their eggs or feed their little ones. Imagine yourself in the fidget cold Antarctica. Without a polar bear hunting for the nearest seal to become their lunch. Not hearing the howl of a snow wolf at the large full moon. Imagine yourself swimming in the ocean where there is no wildlife. A world where there are no fish swimming in schools away from an approaching predator. No sea turtles just swimming through the ocean with a beautiful grace to them. No dolphins jumping in the slow wake behind your boat. Imagine these places because if humans continue living the way that we are now and treating wildlife with such disregard for the food chain, this imaginary world could become a possibility of the future world. Although none of this may happen in your lifetime or even the next a generation’s lifetime, the threat of extinction still presents itself. Harsh? Yes. But it 's not too far off the realm of possibility. Most people live their daily lives without even giving a single thought about our ecosystem. People rarely think about how or what they are doing now effects the environment and the wildlife within it. As humans, being the leading force in harming the environment and wildlife, we should take action and protect the animals because the threat of animal extinction is a constant and reoccurring issue and without animals humans risk extinction themselves.
Animals have been using other animals since time began. The major threats started to come about when humans began to grow and continued growing in size. Specifically ...

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..., I feel as if my two solutions are logical and reasonable actions to make the biggest impact when carried out along side some of the smaller solutions.
Cleaning up the ocean from the trash and oil that we put into it is a smart start that would make a big impact on ending the marine life extinction crisis. Everyone should be able to understand that there is a level system to life that makes everything in life flow, that system cannot and should not be interrupted. When one layer falls the rest come falling down after. Being the highest layer on the food pyramid and being responsible for keeping it in balance, we need to start acting now to save the layers under us. Knowing that humanity is at steak in this crisis should be enough of a reason to start acting in ways that can save the environment and make the ocean a cleaner and safer place for marine life to live.

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