Essay on The Threat Of Drone Attacks On The World Trade Center Of Sep 11

Essay on The Threat Of Drone Attacks On The World Trade Center Of Sep 11

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In movies, aliens are always seen and monsters shooting innocent people and taking over their land. Since 2001 this has become reality, but the alien ships have turned into military drones shooting down civilians, and the monster turn into the country in control of these machines. Drones are unmanned aircraft which may be armed for hazardous missions that endangers many lives; this has impacted our military in many ways. The usage of drones was the results of the attacks on the world trade center of Sep 11. 2001. The United States has used drones to kill terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, among countries. This has ended many innocents’ lives and has provoked more issues than have solved. Drones should be removed from our military services. America would be safer without drones; they create more enemies than they destroy. Drones have also caused numerous civilians casualties, which violates international laws. Not to mention that this violates the sovereignty of other nations as well.
Drones main purpose is to eliminate terrorists, yet they seem to have the opposite effect. People who witness their love one being injured or killed by a drone attack may be influence to take action against the U.S. As author Jeremy Scahill said “people who are aggrieved by attacks on their homes are forced to go out and fight” (49). Since drones have been introduced into the military force, the membership in some terrorist groups has increased, one of the m being Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), whose members have increased from 300 members in 2009 nearly 700 members in 2012 ) ) When the drones attacks started becoming more frequent we have seen an increases in the number of terrorist attacks over the years.

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...o a devastating war or a massive attack. Adding to this United Nations ' Human Rights Chief has called US drone strikes a “violation of sovereignty” and have forced for investigations into the legality of the attacks. More of a reason for them to be remove from our military.
With all this considered it is clear that the usage of drones in our military provokes more harm than good and should be removed. This is for the sake of the U.S to prevent the growth of terrorist groups caused by the rage against drones. In addition Drones are killing more civilian who have done nothing wrong, in a attempted to eliminate small terrorist leaders rather than the main leaders of the organizations. Not to mention that the usage of Drones by the U.S goes against war laws and international laws, making us the terrorist of another country. Let us stop being the terror in the skies.

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