The Threat Of A Poor Economy Essay

The Threat Of A Poor Economy Essay

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With the argument of a poor economy leading to unrest and a greater chance of attack maybe be true in a sense but the more attacks against a country is more likely to lead to an even more diminishing economy that is unable to be stimulated. When you look at the middle east most of those countries had very fragile economies to begin with before you started to see the attacks and they continue to suffer the effects of terrorism. When you look at cases in Europe and the United States you see these booming economies under attack of terrorism starting to suffer the effects of more costs in protection and loss of potential revenue from tourism and a loss in FDI.
In this case the Taliban rose up from Mujahideen groups that came from villages in southern Qandahar and refugee camps in Pakistan. “Hit operations, military ambushes, bombings, secret kidnappings, and terrorism became a routine part of some Mujahideen groups” (Nojumi 26). These tactics eventually led to the Taliban taking control of the Afghan government. On April 19, 1992 the Afghan government collapsed and government forces unconditionally surrendered to Mujahideen forces. After the violent interactions between the Mujahideen groups and the Afghan government more than one million people were left dead and the country was left in severe destruction. The acts of violence and destruction by both the Mujahideen groups and the government lead to a very rapid mobilization of society, political structures, economic processes, social groups, and the formation of people were all changed because of this mobilization. The political rise of the Taliban was regarded as a phenomenon. While in control the Taliban created a Transit Treaty between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Under this treaty ...

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...y. A goal of a terrorist is to gain control of the economy and its processes. When a country starts to experience terrorism it is regard as a more dangerous country to visit which drives down tourism, and in order to protect the tourism industry the country will start shelling out millions and millions of dollars in protection. As the attacks increase foreign investors potential international traders will start to see the country as a risk in potential capital lose and look elsewhere to invest and trade. As we see a loss in investors we start to see a loss in assets, resources, and capital stock. Terrorism eventually leads to those resources, stocks, and capital that are being lost disturbed unevenly across the country and the terrorists start to control the economic processes. If terrorism is the cause of a poor economy why do, we see it countries that aren’t weak?

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