Thought And Emotions Of Our Spiritual Journey Essay examples

Thought And Emotions Of Our Spiritual Journey Essay examples

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Thought and Emotions in Our Spiritual Journey
By Sebetlela M | Submitted On October 21, 2014

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Expert Author Sebetlela M

Many people wonder why people go through difficult and challenging experiences.

They wonder why most of what we learn is in life is through the hard way. Why we learn the most valuable life lessons through pain and emotional hurt. They wonder if it is fate which causes them to go through these, or is it because of their actions.

Is it the law of action-reaction at play?

People go through all these, sometimes, without anything which suggests they played a part in causing them. These events and occurrences happen nevertheless.

Is life designed in that way? For us to learn through pain?

It appears we feel more human and spiritually connected when we are going through difficult times than when all is going well for us.

There is a sense that when we are going through trials and troubles, we are more humble and kind than when all is well.

If kindness, goodness and humility are the emotions we must express, then why could not we just be humble and kind all the time so we could be spared from emotional hurt and other challenges.

All these questions, and more, are answered in this article.

Thought and Emotions

Nature gives us opportunities to develop those areas of our personality and character which need development. By developing these we learn to control all areas of ou...

... middle of paper ...

... to live in another life, and watching over them to make sure they are alright.

Experiencing and going through a process of grief is important to us in many ways. First, it forces us to think about what we have lost, and so help us accept the truth about what happened.

In this way, we can move on after a while, especially if we have dealt sufficiently with the feeling of loss.

Also, going through the grieving process help us to again be in touch with our godliness because we can feel and express the love and kindness in our hearts, which is important for us. Feeling and expressing these emotions reminds us of our goodness and closeness to the Almighty.

Sometimes we struggle to get through the feeling, and it stays with us for an extended period. The reason we struggle is we cannot accept that the person has left us. We cannot see a way to be happy without them.

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