Essay on Thomas Lanier Williams And The Second Of The Williams ' Three Children

Essay on Thomas Lanier Williams And The Second Of The Williams ' Three Children

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Thomas Lanier Williams was born in Columbus, Mississippi in 1911, he was the second of the Williams’ three children. By his own candid accounts, he described his family situation as being troubled, to put it lightly. His parent’s marriage was ordinarily tense, most likely as a result of his father’s alcoholism, physical intimidation and neglect. Thomas’s kindred troubles did not end with his parent’s unpleasantness, his beloved older sister, Rose, was institutionalized as a young woman and remained in care for the reminder of her life. He, himself suffered a mental breakdown, following his recuperation he moved to New Orleans and changed his name to Tennessee, this move invigorated his lifestyle and provided him with a new source of inspiration. “Although he denied that his writing was autobiographical, elements from his life appear frequently in his work” (Bio). Tennessee claimed writing was a form of therapy and as a testimony to his future as a literary composer, he very successfully exploited his childhood memories and cultural experiences, translating them into brilliantly designed dramatic works.
Evidence of his life’s chronicles are uncovered throughout the subtle coincidences portrayed in his writings. The essence of his characters remarkably personified the personalities of his family members and acquaintances, not to mention his own personal battles with a self-destructive and addictive nature, which afflicted him throughout his lifetime. The geographical and cultural settings of his stories, suspiciously resemble locations that he was all too familiar with. Undoubtedly, Tennessee’s interval in New Orleans, set the backdrop to one of his most prolific accomplishments, A Streetcar Named Desire. Throughout all his strug...

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Stanley: Here’s something I always break out on special occasions like this. The silk pyjamas I wore on my wedding night! Blanche: Oh. (1834)
The last torment Blanche endures by the hand of Stanley, drives to her to her breaking point, inevitably forcing Stella to commit her to a mental facility. In the end, the story produces no clear victor, everyone loses, this realization culminates the circumstances of what relinquishes the accentuating tragedy of the play.

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