Thomas Jefferson 's Pursuit Of The Louisiana Purchase Essay

Thomas Jefferson 's Pursuit Of The Louisiana Purchase Essay

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Though initially his decision was criticized, Thomas Jefferson 's pursuit of the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States, as well as impacted the economy, religion, and race of the nation.
The Louisiana Purchase helped the economy by reopening the ports. By opening up the ports the Western farmers could get their products to the market while Eastern merchants prospered from trade (American Passages). When the United States started expanding westward hundreds of acres would guarantee that the economy would remain the primarily agricultural for decades. (Louisiana Purchase. Dictionary of American History) By buying Louisiana the United States gained greater security for the border. Also we gained a better power and self- assurance on international affairs. From the revenue of debt the United States improved rivers, canals, roads, art, manufacturing, and education. Neutral trade was very profitable. The United States gained great profit from Europe’s distress. In the 1790’s the exports were valued at two million dollars. During the wars of the French Revolution, the exports’ values steadily rose. There was a change in where the Merchants invested their wealth. The Merchants turned to manufacturing enterprises. The Missouri and red Rivers ran into the Rocky Mountain into a massive Mississippi valley which provided good navigation and fertile farm land. The rivers also aided in fertile prairies, pastures, and forests. The land also provided a large amount of various minerals. With the purchase of the Louisiana Purchase the community became a better community. The community became more prosperous. The canals and rivers became easier to work and use. Schools and education became more of an importance to Louisia...

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