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Essay about Thomas Jefferson

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1. Thomas Jefferson admired, respected, and praised the Indians for their intellects (Hollitz, 124). However, he also saw them in political terms as enemies in war or partners in peace. Jefferson’s extensive public career allowed him to form the relations between the United States and various Indian nations in the eighteenth centuries. Jefferson notice that the Indians still were not introduced or developed their own written language (Hollitz, 124). As a man of the Enlightenment, he knew that the Indian way of life could no longer exist in the expansion of United States. Jefferson’s attitude toward the Indian population of the United States always seemed as greatly ironic as his attitude toward slavery. On several occasions Jefferson went out of his way to describe the Indian people as a noble race who were the innocent victims of history. In one occasion, he senses the tragedy about Indian’s fate as human. On the other hand, it was during Jefferson’s presidency that his decisions were made that caused the migration of massive sections of the Indian population to move west of the Mississippi (Hollitz, 126). Thomas Jefferson had a enormous impact on the Indian nations of North America. He practiced an Indian policy that had two main ends. First, Jefferson wanted to guarantee the security of the United States and sought to unite Indian Nations to the United States though treaties (Hollitz, 127). The plan of these treaties was to obtain land and assist trade, but most importantly to keep Indians allied with the United States and not with European powers (Hollitz, 127). Secondly, Jefferson used the systems created by the treaties to further the program of gradual “civilization”. Through treaties and trades, Jefferson ho...

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...of separate female sphere stated that women belong only in the home doing chores, cooking for the family, and taking care of children prevails today. In today’s modern time, there are a high percentage of stayed home husbands who voluntarily switched position with their wives to take care of the household, while the female became the breadwinner in the family. Our generation Y is becoming more diverse in terms of old traditions where women stayed home when men goes to work. Females have more freedom in this period than any other time in the American history. Some people embrace different ideals because they were taught to live their life in a certain way that it is hard for them to change their ideology about different lifestyle. While some people embrace the freedom of changes, there are unlimited possibilities of the ways people set out to live their life.

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