Essay about Thomas Jefferson And John Adams

Essay about Thomas Jefferson And John Adams

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Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are two of the United States most iconic historical figures when discussing the long and eventful history of American politics. While many Americans can easily point to George Washington as our founding father, his ideas of government and how the new American political system should function were critical in guiding the colonies towards independence and establishing their own government. However, many of his criticisms and oppositions to the methods in which powerful men used to control the masses became a part of the new system as well. His predecessors following his presidency are partly to blame for the dramatic changes brought about to the new government due to the intense partisanship created by them and their respective parties. Despite Washington’s life work of maintaining a union between the colonies and ensuring freedom for all of his compatriots the relationship between his two closest friends and colleagues began to fray as new ideas about how the new government should function began to pull them apart. Stoked by the flames of their respective parties they set their sights solely on being elected president by any means necessary even if it meant disregarding their former general’s advice given on his deathbed.
Edward Larson does well in recounting the intense politics of the 1800 election by accurately describing the processes in place during the early days of the American political system. Many of these policies vary greatly from those seen today but comparing the differences give in-depth context to how much politics has changed in the 200 years after the American Revolution. The use of quotes and letters from those who initially formulated these policies give further insight to them ...

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...hat is seen today but still play an integral part in not only how the political system works, but how it was shaped by the men in power as well. More detail about the outlying campaigners would have drawn a broader picture that may further explain the viciousness of electioneering that persists today. Overall, the novel gave me a new in-depth perspective to early American history and those responsible for shaping it. More insight on the lesser-known figures may have further broadened the retelling of an already complicated historical event but it would also shine more light on the behind the scenes aspect of the politics. I would recommend this book to those looking to learn more about how the system we live in came to be the way it is today and I would also endorse further reading into the histories of each candidate due to the immense influence they had on America.

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