Thomas Jefferson and Jay Hamilton: Contributors to the Political System of the United States

Thomas Jefferson and Jay Hamilton: Contributors to the Political System of the United States

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Thomas Jefferson and Jay Hamilton were both important contributors to the political system of the United States; however, they had differing opinions on what system is best for the nation. Jefferson believed the small republic, such as in towns or small communities, is the safest; in which liberty is protected by allowing every citizen to have the ability to have a direct impact on their government. Hamilton believed small republics are dangerous for free application of liberty, as they open up the opportunity for faction because there are more chances for an oppressive majority to take over the community. Today the smaller sectors of the community have the most powers, but must abide by the rules established by the larger sector, that is the States receive the most power from the Constitution, but they have to abide by federal laws as well as the rules established in the United States Constitution.
Both the ideas of Hamilton and Jefferson are similar in that they both suggest the ideas of citizens are important to the well-being of the republic. Jefferson suggests the “wit of man” is best foundation to a republic, meaning that citizens should be educated in order to keep the republic functioning correctly to protect the rights of citizens. (101) Similarly, Hamilton suggests that as long as the “reason of man continues fallible” differing opinions will be formed, meaning that as long as people have gaps in their reasoning or their education differing opinions could be formed that could subtract from the rights of other citizens. (Fed. 10) Both thinkers believe education is important to sustain the republic and protect their rights of citizens, and that there can never be an advanced society in which faction does not exist because...

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...n which opportunities may arise where nothing can get done, it would be better for nothing to get done rather than the rights of people being oppressed. Furthermore, it has a more effective basis to protect liberty and control faction by increasing the number of groups so that it is harder for one group to gain a majority. This protects liberty because it is less likely for one group to gain control of the republic and create laws that would oppress the minority due to the number of different groups there could be, and differing views each group holds, it would be harder to make oppressive laws. Additionally, even though it creates more opportunities for nothing to be done, it adds more protection to the rights of citizens by not allowing one group to take over the republic and create oppressive laws, thus Hamilton’s ideas are the most effective system of government.

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