Thomas Edison, The Father Of Inventions Essay

Thomas Edison, The Father Of Inventions Essay

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Thomas Edison, The Father of Inventions
In modern day, most people are too focused on phones and computers. However, if someone did not discover the first step of new technology most of modern electronics would not exist. The inventor Thomas Alva Edison first started on the phonograph, which could record sound, and made most electricity accessible in urban areas besides the city. Without any electricity connecting to the urban areas, many would be still in darkness, only to be brightened by a few single candlelights. In fact, many of the new electronics that are created today would not be here at all, as they would have to figure out the way to display images and to record and make sounds. As urbanization and population increased in the early 1920’s, Thomas Edison responded by inventing new ways to conduct electricity and entertainment, which would permanently change US.
During the 1920’s, due to immigrants coming in for work or escape from revolutions, they came to America and housing increased until there was not much space in the city. However, with the invention of cars by Henry Ford, housing spread outside of the city, which was an urban sprawl. With increased amount of housing and population growth, they needed a way to spread out electricity into the urban sprawl from the city. Thomas Alva Edison created an improved light bulb, an incandescent light that could light up for hours on end. Before he could improve it however, the light bulb had to be invented which took several years to invent. Muckers, as they were called to be rough and coursed person, invented the first light bulb in 1879 as it lasted for a total of thirteen hours. Thomas Edison and his muckers tested and built parts to the electrical power system with succ...

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...ho put together the pieces of the film entertainment area.
By inventing a better way to conduct electricity and new entertainment, Thomas Edison changed US culture with his creative ideas. Without his ideas, most things modern US use would not exist at all as phones, computers, and other items that runs on electricity would not be in the culture’s hand. With his invention of the electrical system, he made it possible to light up houses outside the city in the suburbs. His inventions inspired other inventors as well, making many people’s life easier such as the creation of many early 1920’s inventions. With electrical generators running in the city, new transportations like the electrical trolley car operate, helping people get from place to place. New entertainment brought together people more, as movies also brought in new ways to enjoy and also new occupations to.

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