Thomas Cole: Proficient Romanticism Artist Essay

Thomas Cole: Proficient Romanticism Artist Essay

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With his passion for painting, his admiration of landscapes and influence as a teacher, Thomas Cole was a proficient Romanticism artist. Undoubtedly because of his extensive traveling and studying various landscapes, Cole is one of the most well known landscape artist in America. Cole painted many landscape paintings, one of these being The Oxbow. Established by Cole the Hudson River School of Romantic Landscapes was created to teach students about painting landscapes. As American nature became realized to be beautiful and divine more and more artists commenced painting the eminent nature that God created for them.
As Cole traveled the world, he came to see nature worthy of painting and wanted to share this love with others. After being born in Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, England, in 1801, in his early adulthood Thomas Cole immigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1818. Soon after this he moved to Steubenville, Ohio but returned to Philadelphia in 1823 to paint landscapes and decorate Japan ware. After moving to New York in 1825, Cole began to receive recognition. Three landscapes were painted by Cole and purchased by John Trumbull, Asher Durand and William Dunlap. Cole was now established as a landscape painter and could support himself. Cole traveled to Europe to study nature and the outdoors in England, Paris, Italy, Florence and Rome. Coming back to New York in 1832 Cole settled down and married Maria Barton. Teaching himself through his exploration of nature, Thomas Cole established landscape painting as an accepted art form. While his paintings often reflected religious “high moral tones,” he also had an incredible reference for nature, sometimes depicting it as tranquil and other times as violent. Highly romanticizing ...

... middle of paper ... he learned to create a stunning landscape. As the founder of the Hudson River school Cole influenced many students to follow in his own footsteps. Painting trees, fields and skies Thomas Cole is an artist who will be remembered for many years to come.

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