Thomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science Essay

Thomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science Essay

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Thomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science
Thomas Aquinas claims Christianity is a science with the use of the writings of Aristotle on scientific knowledge. Aquinas also makes the claim that theology, or the study God, is a science accepted through Revelation. Faith provides ammunition for Aquinas to state that believers of Christianity have the affirmation of God already inside of them. This claim considered that divine writings were inspired by God. Aquinas stated, "The principles of any science are either in themselves self-evident, are reducible to the knowledge of a higher science are the principles of sacred doctrine." Once these documents had God’s authority approved by faith, they became indemonstrable knowledge, as Aristotle discussed in his earlier writings, and cannot be challenged.
According to Aquinas, “the author of the Holy Scripture is God, in Whose power is to signify His meaning, not by words only (as man also can do), but also by things themselves.” A person could start using syllogism based on assertions from Scripture to deduce whether ideals ...

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