Essay on This Will Make You Smarter By John Brockman

Essay on This Will Make You Smarter By John Brockman

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Everyone has a general interest in becoming more intelligent, so reading books and articles is the most interesting and simple way to do so. On the other hand, when someone tries to make you read into a belief or concept that is not in your original core of values, it gets tough. Being able to wrap you head around the ideas without having any sort of bias is seemingly impossible. This same difficulty applies to the book; “This Will Make You Smarter” edited by John Brockman. You may ask why the cover of the writing says “edited by”, and that is because these are the works of many other authors put together in correlation to John Brockman 's ideas. Throughout the book John uses these other authors ' works to create an image of scientific individuality from person to person. This means he is attempting to give every reader more 'tools ', or ideas, in their minds about how to think a certain way to make them smarter by expanding their 'cognitive toolkit '. His overall message is that science holds the concepts that make the most sense in this universe, so in order to be more intelligent, one should think in a scientific manner.
As said before, it is challenging to support an idea without giving the vibe that you are biased. However, this book, “This Will Make You Smarter” edited by John Brockman, has an objective perspective. An objective book consists of making a point that is not influenced by the authors emotions, personal beliefs, values, or any other outlying factors. Some might say that he is basing his ideas around the fact that there is not a God, karma, or fate in the universe, one example might be when he says; “The universe does not revolve around you; this planet isn 't privileged in any unique way; your country is not...

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...does not share the same outlook on life and/or intelligence as they do. Specifically my friend Justin, who enjoys arguing with me about God 's non-existence.
In Chapter 9 of the Myers psychology textbook we are using in class, the first subject in the chapter is cognition and its concepts. This directly relates to the topic of the book by John Brockman because he also introduces cognition concepts. Myers defines cognition as “the mental activities associated with knowing, thinking, remembering, and communicating.” (Myers, 339). In “This Will Make You Smarter,” Brockman explains that the cognitive load is known as the amount of conscious information present at any one given time. Even though Myers has a psychological approach to her definitions of thinking and the mind in her textbook, and Brockman 's is more of a literal approach, the book and chapter still connect.

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