This Weekend, Edna And George Appiah Essay example

This Weekend, Edna And George Appiah Essay example

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This weekend, Edna and George Appiah are getting married. The couple met 4 years ago in Toronto, Ontario. They have been dating for a year and have been courting for three years. After 3 years of saving up, George was finally able to save up to buy Edna’s dowry from her parents. George went to his mother to tell his mother that he was ready to marry Edna as is customary in the Akan tradition. His mother then told his father and George’s father was able look into Edna’s family to determine if there was anything that was unsatisfactory. After finding nothing bad about Edna’s past or her family, George, along with his father and older family members ask Edna’s father to ask for her hand in marriage. The bride’s family then does their own investigation on George and his family. When Edna’s family finds nothing wrong with George’s family, Edna’s father agrees to the marriage. The bride’s family then gave their requirements that need to be met in order for them to agree to the marriage. George would need to pay $10,000 in total. This includes buying a trunk or two for the bride full of clothes, jewellery and underwear. This also includes alcohol that George has to buy for Edna’s family and money that has to be given to Edna’s mother, father and brothers. All these items/money are exchanged during the traditional marriage. The bride and groom typically wear the same fabric of clothing as pictured above. During the traditional marriage, the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other. Although they have planned to wear the same outfit, a show of bringing out different women for the groom to choose from is given. After two women are brought up and rejected by the groom, the third woman is usually the bride and the groom chooses and ...

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... able to call and give thanks to them. There is an unspoken minimum of giving $30 dollars in Canada and there is no maximum. The money is to help the couple start a new life. After Edna and George’s honeymoon they make sure to call all guests that gave them money. It could take hours calling 100+ people but it is a courtesy. They are hoping to start their family soon after they get married seeing as they are both established in their careers and feel that they are ready to start having children. The couple will have a traditional marriage that includes one man and one woman together as husband and wife. After having their first child, it is customary for the bride’s mother to come live with the couple in order to come help her daughter. If the bride’s mother is not alive, the groom’s mother would have to take over. We wish Edna and George the best in their marriage.

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