`` This Is Water `` By David Foster Wallace Essay

`` This Is Water `` By David Foster Wallace Essay

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What makes You. You.
Have you ever stopped and thought, “ what would i do if my kid had a disability?” Or ever question  why you act a certain way or if you 're strong enough? In the Articles “Notes From a Dragon mom, What we hunger For  and the speech “ This is Water”  These authors all share there thoughts on what makes a person act the way they do.
In  the speech “This is Water”, by David Foster Wallace , Wallace shows many reasons on why everyday behavior is based off of a person 's education.  He speaks about “the difficulty of empathy” and how education is used  to learning various life lessons. These  include the ability to understand other people, have deeper thought, and manners used in our everyday lives. Wallace’s speech shows that the goal of higher education is to be able to choose how to perceive  others. This speech changes the way people view life, but also  the way we  ought to live it. This Is sown by telling stories. While it may put you in a better mental state if you tell yourself that the guy who cut you off on the highway could be rushing his kid to the hospital, which would mean, in Wallace’s words, “he’s in a bigger, more legitimate hurry than I am: it is actually I who am in HIS way,” what if they aren’t? What if that guy who cuts you off on the highway really is just being a jerk? If you force yourself to believe otherwise, can that still be considered a genuine or appropriate interpretation and response?He argues that the ability to choose what to think and how to perceive, coupled with an allergy to the automatic responses to our daily annoyances, inform the sympathy and awareness that are the purpose of a quality education. The main message from the speech to me is the way he can look past things and ...

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...find strength like katniss does in “ The Hunger Games”.The comparisons  made by Gay between the dark themes like  in the hunger games and respecting that life can be dark for teens is genius and can be effective for all teens. Roxane shows that we can all find strength through making connections. “The trilogy offers the kind of tempered hope everyone who survives something unendurable hungers for.”
All of these articles have to do with how people act and think. “In This is Water” David Foster Wallace explains  how everyday behavior is based off of a person 's education. In “Notes From a Dragon Mom”, Emil Rapp explains why she treats her son the way she does. And Lastly “What we Hunger For” by Roxane Gay writes about how her struggle with finding strength. All of these readings are based off of human behavior and why we think the way we do.

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