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This IS the moment

This war-torn land shows nothing but death and the dying. The ground is muddy from the rain, which also makes the ground wet. Up above the trench line is barbed wire and … nothing else. No birds, no animals … no people. A few dead bodies of the brave men going to assassinate the enemy by night fall. No! No one makes it! Never! There’s the constant gun bangs and the sound of explosions from the grenades. The sky is lit up by the flashes of guns against the silver clouded sky. Nobody dares to look up for more than a few seconds otherwise the enemy sharpshooters will get them. Back a few miles from the front line, British officers make plans to attack the Germans. 250 miles away, comes the air support knowing that their men are ok and that the Germans are still there like sitting ducks. The officers’ room is badly lit and the light is constantly flickering on and off. The walls are shaking. There are maps and dossiers scattered all over the table in the centre of the room. The dossiers contain additional writing on them, numbers. Numbers to attack with.
Anyway, down there in the trenches was a different story. I was only fifteen and I was underage. I was the tallest in my year, and the smartest, at school. I was even taller than the guys a couple of years older than me. That is what got me in the army. One of my older friends told me it was the best thing a lad could do, and even though I was underage I would get away with it because of my height. I knew you had to be seventeen but like my friend said I would get away with it and also I would get £5 when I joined.
The training was rigorous and so within the week, I was flown out to wherever they were fighting and that’s where I was dropped. I was given a rifl...

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...t we aren’t invincible. No, we are conquerable. We will all die at sometime. There is only one way of surviving. Learn where they went wrong and you adapt and learn from them.

That was then.
This is now!

“JACKSON! GET YOUR ASS ON THE LINE!” shouted Lieutenant Crosse, “GET UP!”
As I woke up, that’s all I saw for the first five minutes, Lieutenant Burchfield. He was our 2CO (second Commanding Officer). He was a nice chap back in the barracks in Hereford. We are always having a laugh. Just like our fathers in WWII. Burchfield was a tall, bulky man. Even under all his armour, when out on the field of operation, you could see his muscles. He had served in other campaigns before this present one. Operations like Operation Barras in Sierra Leone and Operation Nimrod in England. There are others but it is all classified information. For after all we are SAS.

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