This is for the Fans of the Band Jet Essay

This is for the Fans of the Band Jet Essay

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Jet is an Australian Band who is made up of Cameron Muncey (Lead Guitarist), Mark Wilson (Bassist), Nic Cester (Vocals/rhythm guitar and drums) and Chris Cester (Vocals/rhythm and guitar). In-text: (AllMusic, 2014)
The band formed during college in Melbourne in 2001 with influence “The Who, “AC/DC”, “The Beatles” and their main influence “You am I”.
Jet released their first album in 2003 “Get Born” produced by Dave Sardy and James Donavan in Sunset Sound Studios Los Angeles. Their EP “Dirty Sweet” was relased the year before (2002), which gained them an offer from Elektra Records for a contract.

The Reason behind the name
The main reason the band name itself ‘Jet” in 2001 was because the band wanted a short name, was that it would be easy to understand and easy to read. Also that when it would appear in advertisements it would be large and in bold print. This was so that it would stand out and be easy to remember. This was a good decision on the bands behalf as the name is very well known, it is easy to remember and understand. As the name is only three letters we are able to read them quickly and they are often in large bold print so that the name takes up just as much room as other bands names. As the whole band agreed on the name and the reasoning for it, it was a very good decision and one the band still stands by.

Record Labels
Jet are not just exclusive to one record label they have used a select few throughout the years, starting with Elektra Records Who re-recorded their Ep in 2002. Moving through the years they used Atlantic, EMI Music Group and Rubber Recording labels. Making the decisions to not exclusively work with one label could have gone both ways for the band as it could have meant that t...

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