This Generation is Smarter than Past Generations Essay

This Generation is Smarter than Past Generations Essay

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I strongly believe that people of my generation are smarter and more intelligent than our ancestors, while my grandparents disagree with this idea. I see that the present-day discovery of scientific facts and modern technology help shaping our idea of the world and lead us to the better understanding of the world, by giving us skill of swiftness, convenient access to information and fact of nature, and correcting the false myths. Also, brand-new style of teaching allows kids these days to be more creative and confident than those in the old days, as students are allowed to use ask their teacher when in doubt, and join an open discussion in class.

While our grandparents spent their free times reading books, played with wooden toys and felt the fresh air outside home, kids of my generation are surrounded by televisions, video games, tablets, smart phones and computers in a closed room. These gadgets, in contrast with book which requires much imagination to build a world from text, give vivid image of the fantasy on screen. My grandparents argue that reading printed book makes the reader think, collect the vocabulary, and analyze the story while flipping through it. However, a research done by Joy Hirsch, the Director of fMRI Research at Columbia University Medical Center, in 2013 shows that “following the storyline of an edited film clip [on the television] that depicts a visual action requires a complex and coordinated effort across multiple brain areas.” This media activates and stimulates the brain. Our senses work to engage our attention and helps our brain become more alert of our surroundings. In this aspect, we are smarter than our grandparents when it comes to the matter of activeness. With these gadgets we develop the ski...

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...r own eyes. We might not memorize things better than our grandparents, but we are smarter than them when it comes to creativity and confidence.

It is now clear that in many aspects, people of this generation are smarter than the past generations. We have modern technology that provides us a convenient way of living and access to information. With this technology, we are given the correct understanding of nature. We become much more reasonable and creative too. Therefore, I still strongly believe that we are indeed smarter than our parents and grandparents.

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