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Thinking, Language, and Intelligence Essays

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Chapter 9: Thinking, Language and Intelligence was very interesting to me. It goes over the basics that make humans, human. How we communicate with others, solving our problems in life, creating controversy over our opinions, teaching others our mistakes and finding that people can be more than you find them to be.
Thinking is such a strange concept to me, I think about writing a paper and I have endless possibilities of what I could write. I find it amazing that we are compared to computers, when our brains are way more powerful than the fastest computer. Our brains adapt constantly and are always relating experiences with past ones; we learn concepts, rules and create relationships. We form concepts in order to generalize, relate things, and help our memory and aid in our reactions to certain environments and situations. Unlike computers we can tell when we need to rest or when we are getting a virus. Brains store information constantly and if it doesn’t make the cut or it isn’t important enough we get rid of it, instead of storing useless information that clogs up our processing. Although our brains are more complex and definitely hold more data, computers and our brains share characteristics. We both have an input of information, the processing stage and then the final output of information. Computers only use algorithms while our brains can use algorithms and heuristics. Even though our brains use more than one form of decision making our brain gives itself obstacles. We often like to delay our decision making but in the end we try to make a decision that best serves us, if not we learn from our mistakes (hopefully) to become a better person and change the next time we are faced with a similar situation. ...

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...e but it means completely different things, in Spanish if you have an accent mark on one letter it fully changes the meaning. Instead of saying I went to the store with my dad you say I went to the store with my potato. I know there is some foreign languages that make clicking noises, grunts, and guttural noises. I had a Brazilian and a German exchange student last year and listening to the German exchange student Anna, talk to her parents she sounded so angry but she would just be talking about my cat or her day. I find languages to be such a lovely thing people can use to better their knowledge of the world and talk to people in the way they naturally do.

Works Cited
MacNamara, A. (2013, fall quarter).Thinking, Intelligence, and Language Psychology 100.
Class Lecture. Centralia College, Centralia, WA.

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