Things You Should Know before Visiting the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Things You Should Know before Visiting the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

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Things You Should Know before Visiting the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Be informed and experience the taste of Africa’s thrilling wild safari adventure in San Antonio, Texas.

Are you an animal lover? Or do you dream to encounter wild animals freely roaming around you? In short, is it one of your greatest dreams to take an African Safari trip? Worry no more! If you live in or near San Antonio, you’re in for a real safari treat. It is undeniably one of the best outdoor adventures you can have with your family this summer. It is definitely a sure-fire hit to the kids. So why don’t you read on and get a glimpse of what could be your next summer family getaway at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

First things first.

Start off with paying attention to the rules and regulations of the drive-thru safari. You will be given a map and a brief talk about the do’s and don’ts on your safari tour right after you pay the necessary fees. You can also buy a bag of feeds to sparkle your experience more! The following are some of the important details you should know beforehand.

- You can only feed the animals using the bag of feeds you can readily purchase at the gate.
- You can reach out your hand to feed the animals but on your own risk! Though we have tried feeding them by hand and presently we still have our both hands and fingers all complete! We’re not saying it is totally safe. Just use your instincts if you want to test your courage in feeding the animals by hand.
- You can open you car windows but keep your car doors and trunk closed.
- You can not go down the car during the safari tour.
- Follow the implemented speed.
- You are allowed to take pictures or videos of the animals.
- No littering. Help keep up the...

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...u during the inevitable wait. It is also appropriate to call their office when extreme weather, that is ice or during heavy rain periods, are present. And of course, check out coupons from their website or other tourist publications to avail special discount.

That is all folks! Wish you could enjoy the safari tour as much as we did. So come on down and experience the Texas-style African Safari only at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio, Texas.

Location: 26515 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78266

Hours Open: Click here to view their 2010 calendar; the ranch is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Admission Fees: Children (3-11 years old) $8.50; Adults (12 years and over) $16.50; Seniors (65 years old and over) $15.50

Contact Number: 830-438-7400

Official Website:

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