The Things I Think Of When I Hear Love Essays

The Things I Think Of When I Hear Love Essays

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The things I think of when I hear love
Love is a very diverse thing. Love can be fantastic one day and dreadful the next, you never know what might happen. Love can be interpreted in so many different ways, like when you’re sad you could just look up on youtube sad song and a million would come up. My favorite type of music is country and R&B, or rap it just depends on my mood. Love is mostly consistent in both genres and thats my favorite thing about it. I can listen to anything type of music and find a love song. Love song’s are my favorites because, they make a picture with the music. It’s so pretty and just make’s me happy to hear what they are signing is from their heart. There are also break-up songs that everyone loves for some odd reason. The song’s can really get you. They make you think about your love life and how happy or sad. Love to me is something very difficult, like it 's going to have its great parts and its awful parts. No matter what happens you will always find love somewhere in your life even though its has had a rocky road. It 's a bunch of emotions that you didn 't even know you had. Love can make you go crazy for no reason at all. Thats why I picked the songs “Then” by Brad Paisley because it shows the great part of love and how high he is on his love, and “Lonely” by Akon because it shows how sad and lonely you can really be in love.
“Then” is one of those love songs that you just cant get enough of. It has a very positive look on love, it shows a wonderful side of it. I know everyone thinks country songs are all about love, or it might be to sappy for them but, this song is one of CMT top 40 love songs. Its one of the most popular country loves songs out there. It’s explaining a great part of a love st...

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...” shows all the great things about love and how you hope a guy will look at you one day, and say those wonderful things about you. You want to be that one girl that is shown off that gets put on a pedestal, the “fairy tale princess” you always wanted to be. Thats love, and that’s what the song shows me.
Love is a very diverse thing. Love can be fantastic one day and dreadful the next, you never know what might happen. It can be taken in so many different ways, it’s all your idea of it. It can be a bad thing or a great thing just the way you want it. Love is crazy, happy, sad, and many more emotion’s I cant even think of. The whole point is to be happy with who you are, not let anyone else tell you what love is supposed to be, it’s your prospective. I think this saying defines love by saying love might be a small thing, but you never know how big a person’s heart is.

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