Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Things Fall Apart Essay Throughout the first part of the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe it shows readers how Igbo live their life and shows the traditions and culture of their people. In the second part of the book it starts to go into about how Western cultural imperialism comes in and tries to teach the Igbo people their culture, language, education and especially their religion. The influence that the missionaries bring to the Igbo culture is significance because they want the Africans to have the same views as them and for the ultimatum to take over the land that the Igbo people live on, so they can use and take their resources. The Igbo culture is one that is based off different Gods based on nature and ancestors, how much you are able to farm, and how manly a man can be. They follow a strict way of life, meaning if you aren’t to do as you are supposed to you’ll most likely be put on trial or sent to the “Evil Forest”. The Igbo is based on an agriculture society that counts on the seasons, they specifically usually plant yams. Family is a huge part of the Igbo culture, especially their ancestors whom they depend on to make every decision of their life. The Igbo religion is nowhere near closely related to the single God of Christianity. The Igbo people believe in Gods that deal with nature and believe that they come in many different forms of spirits in forms of different objects. They also believed in their dead ancestors protect them and that the ancestors have the responsibility for health, harvest, and children. They use shrines, priest, and oracle houses where the people would scarifcae kola nut, food, and plam-wine. They always tried their hardest to not commit sins or break tradtions or rules on special oc... ... middle of paper ... ...eing arrested and are suddenly under British rule and justice system at this point. The British command disrespect and treat those people that are in prison by shaving their heads and starving them for three whole days. They then forced this poor village to pay money in order for these men to be hung. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe highlights not only the Igbo culture and traditions but shows readers how primitive their ways were before the British colonist or missionaries came in and tried to influence them to a better life. It showed that the Igbo had a choice in the end and that was to expect Christianity and the British ways or to parish. Achebe is very descriptive about the Igbo culture change and the compassion some of the villagers had for their culture. As for the Western imperaslim or the British colonist they bought many positive impacts and negative.

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