Things Fall Apart, By Chinua Achebe And The Great Gatsby Essay

Things Fall Apart, By Chinua Achebe And The Great Gatsby Essay

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As an American citizen we seem to make presumption that all cultures are different from ours, and some might even call those cultures weird. Americans fail to realize just how similar we are to these “weird” cultures. By reading Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe and The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald , it makes the reader realize how similar the African culture is from the American culture. There 's those obvious differences we already knew about with the two cultures, but readers can learn that not just American culture value men and give them advantages, but many cultures including 1900 's African culture. In both books we come across two main characters that is portrayed as being more superior compared to others. Okonkwo, main character of Things Fall Apart,is known for his strength, therefore he tries to be strong all the time; however he fails to realize his obsession with strength. On the Other hand, we have Tom Buchanan, main character of The Great Gatsby. He is portrayed as someone that is physically built well and is immensely wealthy . Through these two characters we get learn in their era, what exactly was culturally acceptable. Readers will usually find out that social status is extremely significant to The Great Gatsby and Things Fall Apart, as well as the importance of a male figure.

In both books status is the most significant thing in their society. Okonkwo and Tom 's high ranking in their society, reveals the cultural value of status which causes them to be careless. In The Great Gatsby’ social status is an immensely significant part as it separates geographical locations in the novel but above all, portrays the mentality of citizens belonging to different social class. The characters in the n...

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...en are considered the less dominant sex, but the men seem to worship them for their capability to bear children. Traditional women in the Igbo community stays pure until marriage, and having as many children as possible. Overall, we have seen how gender plays a role in Things Fall Apart and The Great Gatsby. Although most people see Great Gatsby as this interesting love story that ends in tragedy. It is also a novel that goes through 1920’s America from a more political angle. With both books we see the significance in cultural acceptance. They give us a great insight on how similar each culture is. Each book brings out the importance of wealth and the male role. They both seem to give glory to men, while objectifying women. The readers learn that the world lives in a nutshell, we should be able to see women and lower class people as an importance to society.

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