Essay on Things Fall Apart And The Play King Lear

Essay on Things Fall Apart And The Play King Lear

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In the novel Things Fall Apart and the play King Lear, both have presented stories of tragic endings. And both stories have presented some degrees of societal changes, societal conditions and personal changes. Both showed that sometimes the forces of societal change and condition, and the personal changes and situations, can affect each other. All four factors are related to each other.
Through out the novel Thing Fall Apart, there are many situations have shown societal changes, and those changes always have influences to the characters. One of the specific societal change presented in the novel is the arrival of the white men and Christianity in Umuofia. White men and Christianity missionaries have arrived Umuofia and started to expand their religion. The arrival of Christianity and white men is consider as a societal change because the white men and the new religion have a lot of influence in Umuofia, they trade, built church, school and hospital, they also debates and discuss about religious with the local citizens. Many local citizens, like Okonkwo, rejected white man and Christianity at the first place, they even killed the white man who was the first one to arrive the clan. But slowly they accepted the white man and the religion."Mr. Brown come to be respected even by the clan, because he trod softly on its faith. He made friends with some of the great men of the clan."(Things Fall Apart 63) This event is a great example of how personal situation and societal changes influences each other, sine Mr. Brown is a nice guy, he is able to convince the local citizen to accept the new religion, and makes the force of societal change influences the local citizens ' personal situation successfully.
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...oucester believe that Edgar wants to kill himself to take his inheritance. “But I have heard him oft maintain it to be fit that, sons at perfect age and father declined, the father should be as ward to the son, and the son manage his revenue” (King Lear 1.2. 75-78) Edmund is telling his father that Edgar has already reached the age to take his father’s wealth, Gloucester should be passes his money to Edgar and just watches Edgar to manage his money.Since at that time period, a son kills his father for inheritance is a pretty normal event, Gloucester would easily believe in Edmund’s lie, and lead to his tragic at the end of the play.
Both the novel Things Fall Apart and the play King Lear had shown great examples how society and personal situation are related to each other, and both sides had demonstrated the point through some of the major characters in the stories.

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