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Thick as Thieves by Peter Spiegelman Essay

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“Thick as Thieves”, by Peter Spiegelman is a high suspense novel about a group of thieves who plan a robbery, that will score them millions of dollars. The reader first learns about the main character, Carr. Carr is an ex-CIA member, who has a bad relationship with his family. He is the leader of the crew who plans all of the thieving activities. His crew consists of Valerie, who works behind the scenes, Dennis, the computer wizard, Mike, handyman, and Bobby, the youngest, yet most promising member of the group.
After a series of smaller thieving operations, the group sets out to steal millions of dollars from Curt Prager, one of the richest private bank owners in the world. In order to pull of this big job, they go after Howard Bessemer, who is one of Prager's biggest clients. The crew kidnaps Bessemer and they take him to the Caribbean, in hopes of getting more information about Prager. All along, Carr does not feel like he can trust his crew, and he also has feelings for Valerie. Carr's distrust in his crew comes from what happened in the previous mission, when two crew members were killed. Half way through the Prager mission, Carr receives a phone call that his father is missing. He jumps on a plane, in hopes of finding his father. Finally, after a long search Carr finally finds his father at his mothers grave. Carr returns to the Caribbean, but he has set back the operation. It turns out that Curt Bessemer has a lot of security and it sets back the crew even more. The crew turns to desperate measures trying everything to get into Prager's estate.
The entire time, Bessemer and Prager are lied to. Carr uses a fake name and says he wants to do business with Prager. Bessemer never wonders whether Carr and his...

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... he does not want to lose another. This quote shows the reader of Carr's true emotions and feelings when it comes to his job.
“Inhale, exhale, not too fast, Carr tells himself, and he shifts carefully in the long grass.”
This quote is important because it talks about the suspense in the book. There are a lot of moments like this in the book, and Carr becomes very nervous during some times. I like this quote because it explains how Carr and his crew had to do during their big jobs.

E. Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this book to others. I think if you enjoy stories that have lots of suspense and action, this would be a good book to read. Some parts of the book become complex and hard to understand at some times, but I think that is what makes the story interesting. I would have to give a warning out that the book contains a lot of bad language.

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