Essay on Theu.s. Roosevelt And Desert Exile

Essay on Theu.s. Roosevelt And Desert Exile

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America was built on a notion of freedom, justice, and equality, thus inviting people from all different parts of the world to pursue success while still retaining their background. However, despite what this nation was truly supposed to stand for, there were grim periods in which it did not truly uphold its core values. During World War II, in which the relationship between the U.S. and Japan was at its worst, many Japanese- Americans faced discrimination and injustice. Americans claimed that this needed to be done as a national emergency and for the peace of the nation. From the sources “War Message” by Franklin D. Roosevelt and “Desert Exile” by Yoshiko Uchida we can piece together the events that lead to the discrimination of Japanese and how it this event took a turn in their lives.
Following the brutal events of World War I, America decided to stay out of another war and declare a neutrality proclamation. As a result, America took no sides in the war. However, this did not last long after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire. The day after the attack Congress agreed to President Roosevelt 's request to declare war on Japan. The attack shocked many Americans and shattered their beliefs that the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean would allow them isolation as they thought it would. Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor shocks and angers many Americans because they did not provoke the Japanese Empire to attack, yet they did. The attack on Pearl Harbor also fueled American nationalism and patriotism. This drives them to find scapegoats to blame, creating prejudice against the Japanese- Americans. Mass media started printing cynical thoughts and fabricated comments that reflected the general public’s opinion. Ev...

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... a few suitcases that they can carry their supplies in. The family proceed to their well- guarded designated place. The author recounts, “I could see a high barbed wire fence surrounding the entire area, pierced at regular intervals by tall guard towers...I saw armed guards close and bar the barbed wire gates behind us.”
The severity of the damage and attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire left many Americans in shock. With the American neutrality proclamation in place, many Americans could not understand why they were attacked when they did not do anything to provoke. As a result, they blamed the attack on the Japanese Americans. As the mass media started voicing the concerns of the American public, the President and political leaders taking actions. This left innocent Japanese- Americans endure the hardships of living in a well-guarded, security camps.

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