Essay on TheTabla Indian Musical Instrument

Essay on TheTabla Indian Musical Instrument

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Every year, one of India's most important holidays occurs around October and November. The purpose of the holiday is to celebrate the mark of the end of the harvest year before. winter. Nowadays, it is celebrated by family gatherings, festive lights, and worship Lakshmi. Despite religious affiliation, most Indians are able to celebrate Diwali as it has become a national festival over time. The story of Diwali is interpreted differently by Hindus depending on the location they live in. The Cultural Association of India of Wichita (CAI) annually organizes an event at a venue in Wichita to celebrate Diwali. This year the festival was held at Century II in the Mary Jane Teall Theatre. The event was held on November 20 during the evening. There were different performances including dancing, playing instruments, and singing. Though most performances were done by a recorded track, the festival has featured live instruments in the past. One of those instruments is the tabla.
The tabla is the most famous percussion instrument in Northern India. The tabla consists of two drums that appear to be of varying sizes: one small and one big. Tablas are almost completely played just by the use of the fingers. Each drum has one head that is tapped or hit to make a sound. The heads are usually made from goat leather skin.This skin can tend to wear over time; however, it can be replaced by new skin over the wood or metal part. It can practically become a brand new instrument this way. The job should be done by an expert though. Each drum also has some sort of black dot in the center. This black dot is actually a paste; typically, made out of iron, gum, soot and/or rice. This paste allows for a variety of special sounds. Both drums each have individu...

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...arikh professes that musician is not part of his title, but rather engineer: “I do manufacturing and engineering, anything that you want to [be done] in manufacturing, I’ll take care of it.” Currently, Parikh is the chief operating officer of a design and manufacturing company located here in Wichita. Regardless, of having to dedicate his time elsewhere, he still makes time for the tabla here and there. He tries to teach some to his children. Also, he sometimes teaches in a sunday school in his temple. He occasionally plays alongside friends: “once in a while when friends get together, we play some music.” He does not take money he says and repeats that he’s no professional. Parikh is a man that plays a very ancient instrument that he believes will continue to be popular in years to come. Parikh is a sixty-year-old man who sees a very bright future for the tabla.

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