Thesis Statements And Arguments For Writing Experiences

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In previous english classes, most assignments consisted of a general summary of the text with little interpretation. Thesis statements and evidence were used mostly to prove that "I read the text" rather than to support any type of argument. However, my experience was much different this semester. Focusing on poetry, short stories, and drama, the essays assigned for this class required me to concentrate heavily on analysis and argumentation. Focusing on these elements allowed me to draft stronger theses supported by interpretation of evidence. Through my positive writing experiences in English 1102, I have become more confident in my ability to analyze literature, interpret evidence and develop strong theses. However, I continue to struggle with being excessively verbose and organizing my ideas. By allowing my thesis to evolve with my essay rather than be restricted by it, I was able to draft stronger theses with more support. When beginning the initial draft of an essay, I found myself spending most of my time focused on developing a strong thesis. I would write a sentence, delete portions, and revise it again until the thesis "stuck" and I felt that it appropriately expressed what I wanted to say. After creating the first version of my thesis, I would continue to revise it as I drafted the rest of my essay. If my writing veered away from my thesis, I would change my text to keep with the focus already established or edit my thesis to include my new ideas. This process can be seen in the portfolio 's "Revision Exhibit" where I explore the progression of the thesis from my essay "How Irony Dominates 'The Cask of Amontillado '." The first version of my thesis, "Poe relies heavily upon irony to construct the critical internal struc... ... middle of paper ... ...any distracting phrases allows the reader to clearly understand my claims. Throughout English 1102, the focus of all of my essays has been on supporting a claim, expressed in a thesis, through interpretation of evidence. A close relationship between a thesis, evidence, and interpretation is key to drafting a compelling and credible essay. The skills I have been introduced to in English 1102 and spent all semester improving, will be valuable when writing assignments for other classes in my future at the University of Georgia. I intend to major in finance and will be taking many business courses. When preparing reports and presentations for these classes, having a distinct thesis supported by evidence, followed by clear interpretation, will allow me to develop persuasive arguments. Establishing and maintaining credibility is paramount to a successful business career.
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