Thesis : A Good Thesis Statement Essay

Thesis : A Good Thesis Statement Essay

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Question 1 “Thesis”:
A good thesis statement is a clear, concise, and arguable answer to an interesting and significant question about your topic. The thesis should be generated from details about the text and should not be obvious to another reader.
Question 2 “Weak to Strong”:
I found that the strongest thesis statement was c because it was clear and did not make an observation that is too broad. The second strongest thesis is a because it is not an obvious observation but uses colloquial language. It was not the strongest but it was stronger than the others. The weaker thesis is b because it lists what the essay will be about. A good thesis does not resemble a shopping list. The weakest thesis is d because it is very vague and unclear.
Question 3 “Guess the Thesis”:
As iron is forged, so does Odysseus’ strength form while facing the many challenges such as the Cyclops, Scylla the eight-headed monster, the sirens, and the loss of many men.
1) While iron can bring about ruin, it has its own strength and can be greatly improved by becoming steel. Odysseus gains true strength in purity and similarly improves by becoming a great war hero.
2) Iron’s steadfast endurance is matched by its potential to act as an agent of destruction; Odysseus prepares for a battle at his homecoming and destroys the traitors in his home.
Thesis: In The Odyssey, Odysseus displays many characteristics similar to that of iron, a powerful and dangerous material.

Question 4 “Thesis Development A”:
P1: Rama believes that an individual should not be concerned with the problems they encounter because they do not have control over them.
Throughout the epic, Rama has a belief that he has a purpose to attain and that he does not have control over the problems ...

... middle of paper ...

... not present until Athena informs Telemachus of his father’s inability to leave Calypso and instructs him to take a ship to Pylos, ask about Odysseus and decide whether he should come back home or look for his father. Telemachus quickly realizes his need to mature in order to find his father. In this essay, I argue that Telemachus’ modesty of his royal status when visiting King Nestor of Pylos is similar to Odysseus’ when visiting the Phaecians. Ultimately, I show how Telemachus’ courage to travel to his father can closely relate to Odysseus’ when travelling home. Taking this into account, we can see that Telemachus has the potential of becoming a great leader like his father and may even become one with great experience. Thus, I will prove that Odysseus and his son Telemachus exhibit similar traits despite having never met and only knowing of each other’s existence.

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