Essay on Thermodynamic Cycle Of A Hp

Essay on Thermodynamic Cycle Of A Hp

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A HP is thermodynamic cycle which is designed to use both heating and cooling functions. A thermodynamic HP cycle transfers heat from one reservoir (air) to another reservoir (water). There are four components of a HP which are evaporator, compressor,condenser, and expansion valve.
The evaporator is a device like heat exchanger situated in the first reservoir. This evaporator makes possible heat from first reservoir in order to be transferred to a cold low pressure refrigerant. This heated refrigerant flows into the compressor to increase its pressure, causing an increase of the temperature. The refrigerant loses its heat and pressure to the second reservoir across the condenser before the refrigerant is returned to its initial low temperature and pressure state after passing through an expansion valve [20]. Thermodynamic cycle then continues again, as shown in (Fig. 2). One of the major advantages of the HP that required energy is met only 25% of the electrical energy, decreasing by 18% in new generation of the HPs.
COP of HP reduces as the difference goes up between inside and outside temperatures. It is mostly used with an electric ressistance back-up element in winter where the outside temperature is at 0oC or lower temperatures. As the temperature come close to this threshold, condenser is frosted, and must be defrosted to clear accumulated ice. Unless ice accumulation is prevented, it will lower the performance of the heat pump. Defrosting is done by heat pump running in the opposite direction to solve the ice occurred. These cycle must be made short and infrequent due to energy efficiency. As defrost often occurs, energy consumption also increases; therefore, the coefficient of performance of the heat pump will...

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...n turkey, family of 3 consumes 65 kg/day hot water on average. As a result of having these informations, Q can be calculated, and is converted to kWh. The findings showed that energy loses of HPWH (with COP:4) is 750 kWh/yr. Conversely, energy loses of ERWH (with 100% effiency) is 3000 kWh/yr. This means that HPWH consumes four-fold less energy every year. The rise of CO₂ and other greenhouse gases is a substantial issue that must be avoided. The amount of emissions emitted by a HP is much lower compared to conventional water systems on account of consuming a small amount of energy. Therefore, CO2 emissions are also very low since it is limited only by electricity needed by the compressor. Following table 4 describes how much CO2 gas is released per year. It proves that HP saves 85-88% and 89-92% CO2 compared to gas boiler and oil boiler, respectively.

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