Thermal Phenomena and Temperature Behavior of Biological Bodies Project Essay

Thermal Phenomena and Temperature Behavior of Biological Bodies Project Essay

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With the advancement of clinical medicine in thermal disease diagnostics, it is quite important to understand the thermal phenomena and temperature behavior of biological bodies. To understand the concepts is only possible with investigating the temperature distribution in biological tissue. However, the precise thermal analysis of biological tissue is difficult, due to the fact that not only the tissue is heterogeneous and anisotropic, but also the mechanisms maintain body temperature, such as blood flow and metabolic heat generation. Therefore, many researchers have suggested many kinds of bioheat transfer equations. Generally, because the complexity of the bioheat transfer equations makes it difficult to obtain their analytic solutions, numerical methods have been used. The common objective of the studies is to investigate the effects of thermal parameters on temperature distribution in biological tissue and be used as standards to verify the corresponding results of numerical simulation. Up to this date, finite difference, finite element and boundary element methods are used in the numerical studies which investigates temperature distribution in biological tissue.

In this project, for the first time, temperature distribution in tissue will be calculated with using a new numerical method which is finite element method with weighted extended b-spline curve. The most important property of this numerical method which is proposed to overcome the drawbacks of finite element method, is that they do not require any mesh generation, and they have the usage simplicity of piecewise or linear basis functions. In the mathematical field of numerical analysis, a spline is a special function defined piecewise by polynomials. Splines are po...

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...ies, which are about thermal effects in human tissue generated by a hot solid or light sources, are so few in numbers and there is a shortage of safety limit definitions, it is obvious that thermal analysis in this study, will be useful for defining safety exposure limits and providing risk management politics which are also our final goal. Numerical studies performed on tissue will contribute to improvement of original numerical methods and will also enlighten the experimental studies. It is expected that these analysis will guide studies on living or nonliving biological tissues’ or organs’ thermal behaviours. With the conduction of this project, the scope of the research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, within the Engineering Faculty of Marmara University, will be extended in the field of computational and numerical biomedical studies.

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