Essay on Thermal and Tidal Ocean Energy

Essay on Thermal and Tidal Ocean Energy

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The Oncoming Age of Ocean Energy: Thermal and Tidal

With oil being depleted and people crying out in horror at the prices of energy society needs a new source of energy, the ocean. The ocean provides so much energy it can power up the world’s consumption of oil by ten fold by one day’s worth of storing. Currently there are two ways that are in practice: tidal and ocean thermal. But these two practices are in their infant stages and are in need of much funding. Isn’t the initial cost of sustaining such a project worth the bearing if one is learning that their source of energy is becoming bankrupt?
Society and people now are feeling the addiction to oil as gas prices are going up. As gas prices in the US are now rising to the four-dollar mark, many now are looking at alternative sources of energy. Scientists are researching and putting out into the public such energy sources as windmills, solar panels, and hydrogen power. But why go to another limited addiction when one can use the limitless energy found on 70% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean (Bengtson, 2005). The oceans of the world can provide energy exponentially more than the current consumption of oil and energy. Currently two methods of extracting energy from the ocean are being used: tidal energy and ocean thermal energy (Bequette ).
Ocean thermal energy is the use of the temperature difference in the multiple layers of ocean water. The mid-Atlantic Ocean area has a difference of temperature of seven degrees, this is amazingly variance compared to the waters of the world’s waters. A turbine would use this temperature difference to push cold water from the depths up using the warm water on the surface. On an average day, 60 million square kilometers (23 million square m...

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