Essay There will Come Soft Rain by Ray Bradbury

Essay There will Come Soft Rain by Ray Bradbury

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The author Ray Bradbury's short story There will Come Soft Rain can be construed into many interpretations, and the writer is well before his time when he wrote the short fiction. It's about how we are too reliant on the technology of our time. And also about how if we are not careful our technology will not only out live us but begin to control us so that it doesn't need us anymore. The story is also about a time when the technological advances of our time outlive the human race and can be read as just that, and nothing more. Although the more in-depth reader, he/she will find that the story is much more than just a few lines to pass the time and entertain. Case in point how many times have you looked at that smart phone you carry with you everywhere you go, in the past ten minutes. Just try to live without it for one day. This story is about how we need to get back to living without so much-tech. Or we will have desolate windswept land where in the walls of our pre-programmed homes. Does that sound like a life you want to live?
After a long day at work I'll walk into my house and say hello to my wife and only one child of my six will run from one end of the house, screaming at the top of her lungs, "Daddy, Daddy you're back". The rest of them are nosed down with the ever present warm blue glow of some type of device. I soon begin to wonder if they could give up the computer, tablet, and cell phone for just one day. I quickly co me to my conclusion, they would be devastated after one hour so I kick them all outside. They and all of their friends are too reliant on the technology at hand. Society can no longer contribute to the ever growing problem in today's tech-reliant people. The nation as a whole is becoming too dependent...

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...t or algorithm telling me which pair of jeans to wear today. Besides I like getting thing wrong ever now and again, it helps us grow as individuals. That is what makes us great we are always willing to learn and grow unlike a machine or robot.

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