There Should be Limits to Abortion

There Should be Limits to Abortion

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There Should be Limits to Abortion
I do not believe there should be limitations on abortions. In my personally beliefs the government should not tell a woman what she can and can not do with their bodies. If a female decides to have a baby the choice whether to keep it or not should be up to her and her alone. Who is the government to tell a female she can not have an abortion, or put restrictions on having abortions? What is next are they going to limit the amount of children a female can have like they do in China? Why stop at females what kind of laws they going to be put against men. With the Patriotic law and our government spying on us is that not enough why tell females about abortions. Did the Women’s movement of the 1970s mean nothing at all if men still are going to tell females what to do? I wonder what is next are they going to turn over the 19th Amendment that allows women to vote. The government has entirely to much power over our lives. The Supreme Court decision in Roe V. Wade made it possible for a woman to have an abortion. Prior to the decision many women were dying performing illegal abortions all because they could not have a legal one. Studies show that prior to Roe V. Wade they were many unwanted pregnancies in America. According to The New York Daily News article entitled “Do People agree with Abortion” a staggering 89% of people agree that the government should not put limits on abortions. Another poll shows that 1% of all abortions occur because of rape or incest; 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child. According to the website The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform many women have abortions for life or death purposes. The government wants the citizens to believe they have abortions because it is legal and the women take advantage of that.
There are many facts, and data that argue women should have abortion no matter on what the circumstances are. According to Center for Bio-Ethical Reform an estimated 43% of all women will have at least 1 abortion by the time they are 45 years old. 47% of all abortions are performed on women who have had at least one previous abortion.

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That proves there are not many women who have abortions no matter what the government wants us to believe. Not even have of women who have an abortion go back a second time to have another. Usually women learn from their previous experience and are more careful the second time around. The other 47% of women who goes back to have another abortion properly went through with the procedure for medical reasons. The government is not taking into consideration that women also have abortions for medical reasons not because it is available. In a 7-to-2 decision, the justices in Roe v. Wade ensured that abortion would be legal in all 50 states. Still, getting an abortion in some states is difficult. Local laws, culture and politics create widely varying experiences for women seeking to end their pregnancies. That ruling and subsequent decisions prevent states from outlawing abortion except for late in pregnancy when a fetus can live outside of the womb, and then only if the mother’s physical or mental health will not be adversely affected. Many states make it extremely hard for women to have an abortion which is not right. States like Oklahoma and Washington women need to go through a lot to actually have an abortion. In South Dakota, for example, a woman may have to travel as far as 400 miles to the one abortion clinic in the state, which is picketed daily and run by a doctor who travels from Minnesota. South Dakota doctors refuse to perform the procedure because they say all other patients would boycott them in the lightly populated, conservative state. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, an underage woman seeking an abortion must get her parents’ permission. In both Texas and Mississippi, a woman must undergo counseling, wait 24 hours, and if she’s a minor, get her parents’ consent before receiving an abortion. But because of differing state rules for abortion providers, a majority of women in Texas have local access to an abortion clinic, while women in Mississippi have only one clinic, which the state has threatened to shut down. Doctors in states where they are not extreme bans on abortion like New York people who are against abortions are mean people. The people against abortion should mind their own business it is not up to them to say nothing about no one else. George Bush is not a good president so why should people care what he says when the economy is so messed up. He needs to worry about the war in Iraq and the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries. Most people in the Untied States agrees that there should be no limits on abortion according to The New York Post article entitled “ What is The Big Deal over Abortion”, so who am I to disagree with most of the people in the United States. If most people agree with it how can it be wrong people would not agree to something that is harmful so it makes a lot of sense to agree with them. Celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and Susan Sarandon came out against restrictions on abortions. Before the infamous abortion walk in Washington D.C. in 2005 many celebrities mad guest appearances. They are against abortion believing women are one step away from going back to the hanger. Of course they do not believe in abortion why else would they do public service announcements against abortions. If those celebrities believes that abortion should be legal since they are women and it affects them the most they are of course right. I have a friend who had an abortion when she was 16 years old. She believes that all abortions are safe and that there is not nothing wrong with having one. She went on to say they are not any side effects of abortions a person can literally go back to work the next days after having one. The writer of the article knows what he is talking about or else he would not write the article. A good place for information is a writer for newspapers because they stay on top of what is going on in the world we are in. I do not believe that women have abortions unless they are in dire need to have one. Women only have abortions when they need to have one and have no other choice but to have an abortion. After a woman has an abortion life for her basically goes back to normal. She can go back to school and/or work and live a normal life. They are not no side effects of abortions at all they are 100% safe so why should there be legal restrictions on abortions?
But anyone who does research and think critically should research both sides of the argument not just one. People against abortion are against it for many reasons/ when taking religion into account Catholics do not believe in abortion. Most Catholics believes that there should be no changes on what God had done to you. So Catholics also do not believe in circumcision and some do not believe in wearing condoms. But different Catholics believe in different things but they all share the no abortion in common. But that is not all I learned on the limitation on abortions. There are women who do not learn from their 1st abortion and go back to have another one sometimes again and again. There are women who have sex and take advantage of abortions. Some women have sex and if they get pregnant they would just have an abortion because it is so easily accessed. According to the Health Bureau 47% of women having an abortion are women who have had abortions previously. That is an actual fact because the health bureau they get their information from the various health clinics around the Untied States. They keep record on stuff like that so they information are accurate. With abortions not all abortion are really safe. For example the abortion pill RU-486 it has a lot of consequences. Raymond, Klein & Dumble, the pro-abortion authors of RU486 Misconceptions, Myths and Morals, (IWT Pub, 1991) stress that RU-486 is not safe for women and list the following contraindications (reasons a person should not take RU-486): under age 18 or over 35; menstrual irregularities; history of fibroids, abnormal menstrual bleeding or endometriosis cervical incompetence, previous abortion, or abnormal pregnancies; pelvic inflammatory disease; recent use of IUD or the pill 3 months. They also cause a lot of side effects like heavy bleeding and migraine headaches. Also a lot of states are working on changing the abortion regulations they have put up. Like New York there are many more doctors performing abortions and more clinics that perform the procedure opening.
After doing extensive research more than what I have previously done I changed my mind with my original conclusions. I came to the conclusion that there are many fallacies not only in my pervious research but on the research I got to back up my argument. I did not take into account where are they statistics coming from and who and where are they performing these statics? For all I know they can just take a random survey in a mall in Texas and conclude from that one survey all Texans feel that way. I did not take into account that not thinking of who they asked in front of whom. Of course if a woman is in front of husband or boyfriend she has a likely chance of saying she is not for abortion and vice versa. But there are many fallacies in my argument as I stated before. One of the first fallacies I noticed was the one about the celebrities. While talking about them I did not take into account that maybe they are being paid for their testimonials which is a fallacy they can just say what they are saying because they are getting paid. Another fallacy with the celebrities is appeal to questionably authority. What do people who act for a living know that much about abortion when they are not doctors. Another fallacy I noticed is Appeal to popularity. I believed just because a lot of people are against something doing not make it true. Just because a lot of people believe it do not make it true just as if everyone believes that pigs fly do not mean they do. The next fallacy I noticed was wishful thinking. When I talked about there are no women having abortions because of medical reasons. Also saying life goes right back to normal after having an abortion. I realized that I was just appealing to emotions another fallacy I did was wishful thinking. In perfect world women only have abortions because they have no choice and life goes back to normal. In actuality it is nothing like that because that decision is the hardest of their lives. Also abortion not only affects the women but the men also. No one considers how men feel about abortion just because they do not carry the baby do not mean it does not affect them in any shape or form. After looking at both sides and thinking critically have changed my original conclusion. I believe there should be limitations on abortions.
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