Essay on There Is No Justification for Torturing a Human Being

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​Under no circumstance, whether it is during a war or otherwise, torturing someone for information is morally and ethically wrong. There can be no justification for torturing a human being to obtain information or “just because.” To sum up multiple definitions of torture, the meaning is to punish or coerce by inflicting excruciating pain. "In the thirteenth century, the Roman lawyer Azo gave this definition:
​Torture is the inquiry after truth by means of torment.
And in the seventeenth century, the civil lawyer Bocer said that:
​Torture is interrogation by torment of the body, concerning a crime known to have ​occurred, legitimately ordered by a judge for the purpose of eliciting the truth about ​the said crime." (Peters 1)
Throughout history, there have been many who have defined torture and they all say the same thing in more or less words.
​Before courts and the modern day legal system, the system was one of judicial torture. Torture was part of the legal system and a common practice of the criminal procedure. Judicial torture is when officers of an area use physical force to extract information pertaining to a case for judicial proceedings. Between the late Middle Ages and throughout the ancient regime (thirteenth to nineteenth century) this jurisprudence, or law, of torture was practiced throughout much of the world. The law of torture had its own rules, treatises and doctors of law. The law of torture developed in northern Italy in the thirteenth century and by the eighteenth century, by the spread of Roman law, it was a common practice through much of the world. (Langbein 3)
There are many different kinds of torture which was used in the beginning and are commonly used today. In Wisnewski's book, ...

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...el of humanity and respect of everyone’s equal rights, regardless whether or not we are on foreign soil or not. We have created laws and articles against torture and most countries and their citizens follow these laws which man has created. However, in many places like the Middle East, torture is a common occurrence whether the people are in an armed conflict, war, or trying to live and go about their daily routines and lives. In any society that follows the laws of human rights to the letter, there is no justification for torturing for information or “just because” regardless of, but not limited to race, gender, ethnicity, and social economic statuses.
​So, I will leave this paper with a question. Could you possibly imagine being one hundred percent innocent of said or suspected crimes, yet you are being tortured every day for the information you do not possess?

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