Essay about There Is A War Going On Over American Women Reproductive Rights

Essay about There Is A War Going On Over American Women Reproductive Rights

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Indeed as the author stated in her book, there is a war going on over American women reproductive rights, even though for centuries homebirth was a norm everywhere globally, but by 1900s with rapid advancement in the standardized medical fields and hospitals, increasing numbers of women trusted having babies in hospital, creating a racial or class stigma attached to home birth, or labeling it as risky and back-warded. Many medical providers have portrayed giving birth experience as a painful and difficult experience over the centuries, that requires hospital and as well as pain medicine management. While in reality homebirth for healthy women is cozy, family oriented, dope free, and more connection with family members surrounding and supporting the mother. For midwifes to witness the miracle of birth first by the mother and the family members, compared to being behind closed doors on delivery table, unconscious, fully masked surgeons working tediously on you with their knifes is not ideal.
Given how many babies were born naturally in war zones or during natural disasters, or even...

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