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There is a deep legend: A tale that goes way back to around 1982: Lutheran South Academy 's ( LSA) first year to bring education to young ,and eager minds.This school; a loving private school, had amazing teachers and staff that cared for all their students and did all they could to help them. Not only that, everyone shared a special bond: teacher and students, students with other students, office ladies and students, office ladies and teachers, and so much more. Even if some students were more stubborn, or unfocused, or just not as easy to deal with, they never gave up on them. They were the best examples of dedication, perserverance, and love. For the first two months, not one bit of danger came; but that streak ended on October 17, 1982 at 12:45 pm. The tale says it was all intended to be a stubborn high school student 's prank. Yet, that is not the entire true story. As a matter of fact, it is much deeper and darker.
Three weeks before the tragic day, a senior boy with dark hair, brown eyes, and a leather black biker vest was added into the group of the LSA students. His name was named Billy Bob. However, this boy seemed very suspicious. He was one of those insabordent, rude, and disobediant students, yet there seemed to be something deeper and creepier. For one thing, whenever he had a chance to make something at home, it was always some kind of knife. Yet, his most scary behavior was shown in his drawings in his journals
One day, a beautiful freshmen girl with long wavy light brown hair named Rosie accidently picked up his sketch book after he left. she saw that all of his pictures were of beakers around and people with no skin or eyes. Each one was shown to be dead except for one with a smile and goggles on. Despite t...

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.... Border loved it so much, and even though it was an accident, he was furious and vowed to find a way to make him pay, no matter how long it took. and he wanted to take away something that the principle loved so he would know the feeling.
Even though it was a disguised serial killer who made the cheez-it boxes splatter dangerous chemicals, it was decided that these crackers should still be banned, (and any other food brought in must be checked). Those cheesy crackers caused so much physical damage , but also emotional damage. All of the victims had to heal and that was going to take long as it was. To let them see those cheez-its again could cause an upsetting memory for everyone. It burdened them whenever they saw a student afraid or upset, so the desire was to try to make the memory fade as much as possible in order to help their students as much as they could.

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