There Are Mainly Four Types of Work Teams Essay

There Are Mainly Four Types of Work Teams Essay

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There are mainly four types of work teams - Self-managed work teams, Cross-functional teams, Virtual teams and Problem-solving teams.
Self-managed teams are work teams that are given permission to organize and control the work that they do. These group of people perform highly related or inter dependent jobs and take on many of the responsibilities of their former supervisors. This includes planning and scheduling of work, assigning tasks to members, collective control over the pace of work, making operating decisions, and taking action on problems. Fully self-managed work teams even select their own members and have the members evaluate each other‘s performance.
Cross-functional work teams are a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal. Typically, it includes employees from all levels of an organization. Members may also come from outside an organization (in particular, from suppliers, key customers, or consultants). Cross-functional teams often function as self-directed teams assigned to a specific task which call for the input and expertise of various departments. Each member offers an alternative perspective to the problem and potential solution to the task. Members of a cross-functional team must be well versed in multi-tasking as they are simultaneously responsible for their cross-functional team duties as well as their normal day-to-day work tasks. Making a decision within a team may depend on majority votes, but often is led by a team leader. Leadership can be a significant challenge with cross-functional teams. Leaders are charged with the task of directing team members of various disciplines. They must transform different variations of input into one cohesive final output.
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...s. CA2 saw some aspects of this as members work constructively on the mind maps, to ensure that fellow group members could understand their respective parts during the peer teaching session. There is a sense of achievement after the completion of CA2. This sense of fulfilment is transcended into CA3 where members feel good about the progress and work done on the report. While there was an early encounter with failure in game 1 (CA1), the members were proud that there was a sense of cohesiveness throughout the assessment. Game 2 (CA1) was successful as a result, due to positivity and determination to achieve greater results in the following assessments.

The adjourning stage is when temporary group disbands. There is a sense of fulfilment and sadness over the loss in working opportunities. Members would move on to form new teams and groups for future endeavours.

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