Therapeutic Process Goals : Precious Needs Long Term Individual Counseling And Psychotherapy

Therapeutic Process Goals : Precious Needs Long Term Individual Counseling And Psychotherapy

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Therapeutic Process Goals
Precious needs long-term individual counseling and psychotherapy with the main goal of helping her develop true self and whole self. Precious’ mother did not provide a healthy relationship, therefore she relied on her father to provide her sense of self. As a result, she is searching for her sense of self in her relationships with men. In addition, she idealizes men because her father was more consistent than her mother, and it was him who, paradoxically, gave her the best thing in her life – her son Abdul.
The goal of the treatment is to boost Precious’ self-esteem, to change her perception of her racial status, to change the way she idealizes men, and to decrease the negative effect of HIV stigma by encouraging her to build social networks. Social support is especially important for people with HIV. According to Galvan, Davis, Banks, and Bing (2008), HIV-related stigma and discrimination negatively impact African Americans living with HIV, but social support can significantly protect them against the negative effects of discrimination.
Moreover, fostering feeling of self-importance, increasing Precious’ feelings of self-worthiness, and making her aware of her important role in the society will also be components of treatment. In order to resolve Precious’ core conflicts and formulate treatment goals, the patterns and painful feelings that make up her core conflicts need to be identified. She needs help to approach problems and to disconfirm pathogenic belief about self and to alter her faulty expectations of others.
Precious, at the age of 18, is transitioning from adolescence to early adulthood. She is expected to form her personal identity, explore vocational and educational goals, and th...

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Ruptures and Countertransference
I need to be aware that I will commit mistakes (ruptures) while working with Precious. Ruptures between client and therapist happen because of client-induced and worker-induced countertransference (Teyber & McClure, 2011). For example, Precious may try to give me answers that would please me; however, I will have to ask her if she interacts with others in her life in the same manner. In addition, she may use “moving toward” style as her eliciting maneuver, by trying to elicit approval from me as her therapist (Teyber & McClure, 2011). She may also use testing behavior to assess my response to her problems and conflicts, “whether the therapist is going to confirm or disconfirm pathogenic beliefs” (Teyber & McClure, 2011, p. 327). Her testing behavior may include doubt in my ability to respect her after listening to her story.

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