The Therapeutic Process and the Therapeutic Relationship Essay

The Therapeutic Process and the Therapeutic Relationship Essay

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This essay will explore the nature of the therapeutic process; using my fifty minute long real play session with one of my colleagues. Also, I will explore my experience of the therapeutic relationship and how it influences therapeutic change and increase the affectivity of the therapy.

In addition to this, I will be attaining feedback from my client after discussing each stage of the therapeutic process in detail to help me understand what worked well for the client and gain more insight into what I need to improve in order for my future sessions to be more successful. Before the beginning of the session, I made sure I place the chairs in an appropriate position to promote equality and decrease the power dynamic between myself and the client.

According to Vossler (2010) a mindfully arranged room creates an appropriate emotional atmosphere. For instance a light neutral room with upright chairs suggests equal, rational conversation, while proximity between the seats indicates openness as well as discreetly informing boundaries between counsellor and client.

Additionally, a client is unlikely to be comfortable and at ease about disclosing intimate personal information unless they are sure that their privacy is protected and there is no chance of anyone overhearing. Therefore, I have set up a neural room with minimal furniture in an attempt to make it a helpful environment and help my client feel safe to share intimate details about their vulnerabilities; express themselves freely and be themselves without fearing judgment. In an ideal world, this space would be different from their everyday encounters and experiences thus, will allow clients to talk without any suspicion of exploitation and manipulation.

I started the...

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...eldard (2005); I explained to her that I was from a different culture and explained the difference in our belief systems. Also, this helps clients feel at ease and valued as an equal adult. However I refrained from sharing what I would do because I did not want the session to become an advice giving session instead of it being a counselling session.

Additionally, I have also, noticed the fact that she has referred to me “counsellor” in a sarcastic tone. This shows an indication that she was coming to the realisation that although i was a counsellor i was not an expert sine,she was the one doing the entire decision making. Clarkson (2003) believes that a counsellor’s self disclosure contributes in the process of healing as it is a sign that the client is realising their own strengths to use their resourceful self to find their own way of coping with their issue.

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